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#6 - Is Greek Life Relevant on Today’s College Campus?

On this episode of the ChopTalk Podcast, Taylor and Mike are joined by Justin Fisher (COO) and Chris Pockette (Director of Chapter Services) to discuss the relevancy of Greek Life on college campuses as well as diving deeper to take a look at what being a Lambda Chi looks like in 2018 and beyond. We also introduce a new segment: Fact-Off. Taylor and Mike go head-to-head to see who can provide the best facts centered around this week's topic.

#5 - The Importance of Mental and Physical Health for Fraternity Men

Mental and physical health are important topics to discuss for college students, but especially fraternity men. Often the pressure of school and the commitment to being an active member can weigh on an individual's well-being. We are joined by former consultant Taylor Krivas and current consultant Cody Sallee to discuss mental health resources, toxic masculinity, and finding a balance between school, fraternity, and a healthy lifestyle.

#4 - Being a High Alpha

Being a High Alpha can be a daunting task, but is important nonetheless. We are joined by Associate Director of Chapter Services, Chris Pockette, to talk about his experience as a High Alpha. Chris also shares some major takeaways for making your term as High Alpha as easy as possible.

#3 - Community Service and Philanthropy

On this episode we are joined by Special Assistant to the CEO, Brandan Bonds. Brandan manages all of our strategic partnerships and one of those partnerships is with Feeding America. Brandan joins us to discuss his background in philanthropic giving, the impact that Lambda Chi Alpha is able to have on our local communities, and he shares a few tips on executing a successful philanthropic event.

#2 - Bill Farkas

On this episode we are joined by CEO Bill Farkas to discuss the future of Fraternity, specifically Lambda Chi Alpha.

#1 - Brett Turner

Join us as we catch up with Recruitment Specialist Brett Turner to learn more about life on the road during expansion.

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